BMW-Transcontinental-R18-Tourer -4

Our friends from Bennetts has revealed the designs of what it looks like BWW Bagger, dubbed as ‘Transcontinental.’ BMW has just filed the trademark by the name Transcontinental.

The Transcontinental as we see comes derived on BMW’s much-acclaimed BMW R18, and BMW has loaned the design of R18 from the BMW R 5.


Side angle of Transcontinental design. Courtesy: Bennetts

Well, it’s a game of a circle. However, BMW had earlier revealed two variants one was R18 and the other R18 Classic. 

Both models have a powerful two-cylinder boxer engine ever used in motorcycle series production has a displacement of 1802 cc

The peak output is 67 kW (91 hp) at 4 750 rpm. From 2,000 to 4,000 rpm, over 150 Nm of torque is available at all times.

Another side of Transcontinental design. Courtesy: Bennetts

Further, the BMW R18 Classic came with classic features a large windscreen, passenger seat, saddlebags, LED additional headlights and 16-inch front wheel.

Essentially we compare the new Transcontinental with the BMW R18 Classic variant and find out what may change and what will remain.

BMW-Transcontinental-R18-Tourer -4

To show how Transcontinental will look when we compare it to the R18 Classic we have clubbed Transcontinental design the with the BMW R18 Classic.

This is the second picture, and it clearly shows what we intend to do, which is comparing both the Transcontinental design and the BMW R18 Classic.

So what changes and what remains?

  • We feel the BMW won’t bring any change in the 1800cc engine which will have the same output as 67 kW (91 hp) at 4 750 rpm similar to the BMW R18 Classic.
  • Transcontinental, as seen in the design, may get a larger fuel tank. Both the R18 and R18 Classic have a 16 litres fuel tank. In the case of Transcontinental, it will increase.
  • Styling of the seats do look different in the case of the R18 Classic it is more elongated while in the case of Transcontinental the pillion may have an advantage of getting much space.
  • Another crucial change the Transcontinental has the bagger style massive front fairing.
  • Underneath the colossal fairing lies a vast TFT screen. And this is absent in the R18 Classic. To help the rider, this massive TFT will contain loads of information.
  • The Transcontinental designs show panniers so we may see the Transcontinental with panniers to carry the massive load.
  • For safer rides unlike the 2021 R1250RT, the Transcontinental will arrive with the radar technology.
  • At least from the Transcontinental design, we don’t see any change in the exhausts when compared with the exhausts of R18 Classic.

As BMW has registered this trademark recently, we may see the Transcontinental in few months unless someone has any objection on the trademark.


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