Aprilia is not only going aggressive on its large segments, unlike the upcoming RSV4 was caught lurking in the public parking.

Or bringing in the custom RS660 Trophy variant slightly different from the conventional RS660.

And in India Aprilia plans to bring the SXR160. However, Aprilia’s parent company Piaggio Italy has registered an electric scooter by name eSR1 with the European Patent Office. 


Piaggio does have an electric scooter Vespa Elettrica. However, this will be the second under Aprilia.

And we do see multiple features in eSR1 comes shared from the Vespa Elettrica like the electric drive train. 

Further, the Electtrica has two models, one with the 45km/h range and the other with 70 km/h range.

The motor is 3.6 kW which 4.2 kW / h battery which helps to reach the range up to 100 km.

With eSR1 Piaggio now seems to expand its electric portfolio. The new electric eSR1 will also add more valve to the portfolio. 

The electric Vespa costs around 6,250 euros so the eSR1 may come around the same price.


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