News : Associated British Motorcycles unveils two models

 News : Associated British Motorcycles unveils two models

Associated British Motorcycles are pleased to unveil there first of ABM’s line up as the Gemini Naked and Gemini Indianapolis.

Gemini Naked : The first of the Gemini Twins, this bike tries to bring the ‘Bistro Racer’ subject in to the domains of a genuine Sports bike. Smooth, high spec and with best in class geometry and suspension, the Gemini Naked pulls on the heart strings of the strong days of the 60s & 70s yet still sits head and shoulders over the best that cutting edge sports bikes can offer.

The Naked is the first of 50 limited bikes and hold the title of the prettiest and most dominant street based triple historically speaking made.The beginning stage of any of our bike is its pulsating heart, the motor.

Utilizing their long periods of involvement in tuning triples our sister organization T3 Performance have thrown their wizardry over this engine to create an inconceivably instinctive motor that will wake your body and soul like an early morning below zero shower.

The scarcest bit of the throttle directions your appreciation as this snarling triple dispatches you in to a haze of speed and excites, all upheld up by new dimensions of well sharpened sharp taking care of. Lighter, quicker and with expanded halting force, these bikes serve just to bring you higher than ever of riding certainty, and all joined by the obvious mood of its one of a kind triple soundtrack.

Gemini Indianapolis : The second of the ‘Twins’ the Indianapolis draws it’s motivation from the dirt track racers of the US, it has the ‘cool’ factor. A brawny, sure, all-British soul which stops people in their tracks for all the correct reasons. When you see it, you need to sit on one, you need to possess one, and in the back of your psyche, you would love to comprehend what it resembles to race one!

Indeed, even with a rough terrain style the majority of its own, where it counts its thumping heart is equivalent to its sister bike the Naked, 160BHP at the back wheel with a painful 89 ft-lb of torque that will take you directly into Sports bike execution region, all the time challenging tradition. Not exclusively is this bike restricted release, she remains solitary thus takes seductiveness to another dimension.

About Associated British Motorcycles : ABM is a new low volume British motorcycle manufacturer, one
that comes with huge provenance from the world of two-wheeled and custom bike building via there sister company T3 Performance.There mission is to bridge the gap between custom bike builders and mainstream manufacturers by offering individuality, exclusivity and a buying experience normally only found in custom houses, but one that is backed up by parts and a personal technical service that is unrivaled, even by mainstream manufacturers.

Gemini Naked 

Gemini Indianapolis

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