News: BMW Motorrad’s plan for EICMA

 News: BMW Motorrad’s plan for EICMA

While every motorcycle manufacturer is gearing up for Tokyo Motor Show we also have eyes on EICMA which is another motorcycle event that allows motorcycle manufacturers to showcase their capabilities.

The 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019 happens to start October 24 (Thursday) through November 4 (Monday), 2019 at Tokyo Big Sight venue in the Ariake district of Tokyo’s Koto-Ku.

The show is hosted by The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. To attract more visitors this time the show is scheduled for a long period as compared to the show that was scheduled in 2017.

Tokyo Motorshow Motorcycle Manufacturers 

Below are motorcycle manufacturers that are involved in the show to display their products. This the list as in July 2019 


The EICMA will also see BMW Motorrad display their upcoming innovations in motorcycle and they have confirmed that they will display four of there top models in EICMA.

  • BMW R18 or R1800 Cruiser: For a few years now BMW has been experimenting with different concepts to re-enter the market for big Cruiser after their last attempt, the R1200 C, failed at the beginning of the century.

    Instead of using the existing air-cooled 1200-boxer-engine used in the rNine T the Bavarians decided to develop a completely new air-cooled Boxer-engine with now 1800cc and introduced the idea on a concept bike earlier this year. We got spy shots of the new 
    BMW1800 Cruiser. And no doubt we could see this in EICMA.

  • F 850 GS: Here is a BMW F850RS midrange tourer or something is written in the middle on the brochure. There seems to be the possibility of misprints like F850GS, but the names of the other vehicles listed are BMW R1250RT and K1600GT K1600GTL feeling, it is not an adventure type but a tourer type.

    So it is not a misprint in the usual way, it seems that a tourer model of F850RS comes out, in the 2019 model.
  • Vision DC Roadster: BMW introduced us to BMW Motorrad’s Vision DC Roadster the way how two-wheel electric commutation will arrive in the future. This is BMW’s future vision.
  • G310RR: The concept was showcased by BMW last year. We believe that this model will be also showcased by BMW.
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