Fame, a Portuguese moped brand, is set to make a comeback with the electric model E-XF launch.

Founded in 1949 by the end of 1994, the company had built over 30 moped models with engines from different manufacturers like Zündapp.


They had to shut the company due to bankruptcy in 2002, and, in 2021, the company finally made a comeback.


Fame comes still rooted and gives an insight into future requirements for an effective comeback. And with electric drive, the first model from Fame appears to be futuristic.

The electric motor comes placed as the hub motor in the rear wheel. The motor calibrates to 5kW, and it can accelerate up to 70kmph with a speed limit of 45 mph.

The model has many features reminiscing of the earlier moped models. The tubular frame is the main component of the E-XF model, made from steel and has a split beam.

Rear gets the spoke wheels, and present are two spring struts to help

There are round headlights installed with LED lights for daytime riding.

In addition, two stubs are stuck under the triple clamp above. We can see the dummy on the top portion of the frame with classic-style tank pads on the flanks.

The rear driver has a diamond-quilted hump seat. For vital information, we see a round digital cluster present in the cockpit.

There are disc brakes installed on both wheels. The basic design of Fame E-XF comes based on the outlines of Fame XF-17 from the 1970s.

The energy storage device takes the combustion engine’s shape and has cooling fins on the cylinder.

The bike gets a 72 volts 40 Ah battery, and it allows a range of up to 80 kilometres.

You can recharge the battery and can recharge with the help of any socket. There is a compulsory break of 4 hours required for the battery.

The Fame E-XF is available in Portugal for 4,100 euros. The deliveries will commence from the beginning of 2022.

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