He’s one of the best in the world, yet you wouldn’t know that from looking at his collection of motorcycles. Sure, his garage is filled with bikes due to his job at Kawasaki; however, none are owned by him.

Jonathan Rea may be a six-time champion on the track.But he’s just like us regular folks when it comes to riding on the road.

Rea announced that his first street bike would be a brand new Z900RS. Now, Rea has revealed a series of photos of his first-ever road bike showing off the specs.Performance components, and special touches used to create the RS.


But you’d be wrong. Like he does in the pits as a team leader for Kawasaki’s World Superbike squad.Rea, chooses what is best for him with the black and green livery on his new street Z900RS bike.

He is not about to settle for second best when being comfortable and riding fast in all conditions.

Now, these bikes are the best Kawasaki road bikes money can buy, but for Rea.Who admits he needs to surround himself with the highest-quality equipment and gear possible, they just wouldn’t cut it.

The Z900RS

The Kawasaki UK World Superbike Team racer needed something more exclusive, more refined.

And that’s what he found in the new Kawasaki Z900RS. “With this bike, I wanted something luxurious and black hot at the same time with a bit of retro charm, too,” Rea says.

The Z900RS combines the best elements of both modern sportbikes and their retro ancestors.

The bike’s flat-track style handlebars are fitted with an adjustable rear set bar and risers.Giving the bike an aggressive, low-slung look.

The Spark Black colourway nods to Kawasaki’s Racing Team UK exploits in dirt track racing.While the ZX-10R-inspired engine looks like it would be right at home on a WSBK grid.

The Z900RS comes with a liquid-cooled, DOHC, 16-valve, 948cc inline-four.

As someone with a job and an appreciation for riding on the pavement.Jonathan Rea’s first-ever road ride was met with eager anticipation.

Yet, anyone who has gotten their motorcycle license. And ridden in the open road would recognize his point of view. In other words, he is just like us!

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