Soriano Motori was founded in Italy in May, 2019 by Marco Antonio Soriano.It is a boutique electric motorcycle company built on the foundations of passion, innovation, and desire to stand out from the crowd.

Soriano Motori now has unveiled its flagship, Giaguaro Range. The Italian manufacturer is better known for the premium Italian products that it offers. Among others, these include electric motorbikes with premium components.

But how does one pay for these luxury products? According to Soriano, cryptocurrency provides the flexibility of payment at checkout. Well this is in one option Soriano Motori has opened for its customers.



The Giaguarao electric motorcycle has been in the news since its inception. 

The Italian based startup, Soriano Motori, made a significant announcement announcing it would be showcasing its astonishing Giaguaro range of electric motorcycles at EICMA slated for November 25 to 28, 2021.

The bikes that we will see in EICMA are V1R and V1S made in Italy. These bikes will have liquid-cooled brushless electric motors made in collaboration with Moog.

V1R and V1S specs

To manage the heat, the bikes get two radiators at the front. Further, the V1 motorcycle gets a 60kW (80hp) power output. While V1R has a 72 kW ( 97hp) power output, both machines have a torque of 155 Nm (114 ft-lbs).



Further, the two lithium-ion battery makes sure it provides a range of around 112 miles (196km) on a single charge. Soriano Motori also ensures these bikes get an optional fast charger.Which boosts battery charging to just one hour.

However, the average time for charging the battery is five hours. One of the good aspects of these bikes is they come with a five-speed manual gearbox to replicate the experience similar to the standard motorcycle.



The company’s inspiration for this feature came from surveys conducted into the electric street bike segment. 

Customers mentioned that they would like to see the ability to shift gears. Soriano Motori says it will continue to develop further its product to meet customer expectations.

We also see an 8-inch full-colour TFT touch screen console responsible for providing crucial data to the rider.

And Soriano Motori’s Giaguaro range will be available in the market after the upcoming EICMA 2021.

via Soriano Motori and Motociclismo


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