Study show motorcycle injuries are caused due to fuel tanks

 Study show motorcycle injuries are caused due to fuel tanks


The research carried at the Transurban Road Safety Centre at NeuRA showed some astonishing results. About how the structure of the motorcycles primarily affects injuries.

The researchers came up with the simulation of multiple shapes of fuel tanks which were then brought together with the sitting positions of riders.

The results showed that the fuel tanks having a gradual rise or low angle with the handlebars are less prone to pelvic injuries.

According to the study among the total injuries, 15 % are pelvic injuries. These type of injuries do occur when the motorcycle stops at a more incredible speed giving a jolt to the front portion of the body.

These pelvic injuries may cause damage to the lower parts of the body disabling the sexual function. Moreover, these injuries do stay life long, and they may impact walking or urinating in day to day life.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dr Tom Whyte, who is working on the various safety projects at Neura, says

“In the simulated crash tests, we found differences in fuel tank shape influence the severity of the impact of the pelvis. With fuel tanks rising steeply and abruptly from the bike seat increasing the possibility of injury,”

We understand the study wherein the structure of fuel tanks do affect the pelvis is studied for the first time. Furthermore, specifically, to test, the researchers made the apparatus.


The stepper the fuel tank chances do increases in terms of getting the injuries. 

The riders on the cruiser motorcycles have more chances to hit the fuel tank as the sitting posture is more upright. And in the advent of the accident, these riders will lean forward.

The apparatus

Dr Tom Whyte further said “There’s likely to be greater protection for a motorcyclist’s pelvis when they are leaning forward. This is because our tests found that there are smaller impact forces between the pelvis and the fuel tank when riders are in this position,”.

He also said these findings would improve when it comes to the shapes of fuel tanks. When riders are likely to take an upright position while riding.

We will also show these findings to manufacturers. And safety specialists so there are chances the shape of the fuel tanks will improve, and the riders are safer.

Source: The Study


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