The  GSX-S1000GT  embodies all the pleasure of driving an authentic Grand Tourer. A bike offers the perfect balance of performance, agility, style.Comfort and connectivity that will amaze even the most demanding riders.


The bike gets a 1000 cc Euro 5 engine that calibrates to 152hp of power and 106Nm @ 9250 RPM. The bike gets a 19-litres fuel tank.

 Solo or as a couple, every trip will be incredibly satisfying. Thanks for introducing the new TFT display with smartphone connectivity. 


You can also interact with your phone and head to your next destination without any distractions. Get ready for an extraordinary and thrilling driving experience.

Drawn by solid lines and, at the same time, refined and aerodynamic.The design of the GSX-S1000GT visually expresses the full potential of the bike in terms of performance, comfort and reliability. 


The unprecedented front comes inspired by fighter jets.Showing a modern and pronounced nose that integrates full LED headlights. 

The direction indicators, also LED, are mounted on the side.While the windshield is designed to minimize the friction felt by the driver during journeys.


 The LED rear light assembly is set in a slim and slender tail. Which contains two sturdy handles to offer a firm grip to the passenger. 

The two standard panniers have a maximum capacity of 36 litres and 5 kg of weight each. Allowing you to carry a full-face helmet *.

 The GSX-S1000GT  is available in three colours: Miami Blue, Dubai Black and Las Vegas Blue.Reminiscent of the night sky and gives an even more elegant look.

The instrument cluster of the GSX-S1000GT adopts a new latest generation 6.5 “colour TFT LCD. 

Suzuki developed it for a motorcycle application. This multifunction screen boasts a scratch-resistant anti-glare surface and integrates connectivity with smartphones.


Operating system

It comes equipped with an Android or iOS operating system. 

In addition to keeping the pilot constantly informed about active settings and correct operation. It can show maps, incoming and outgoing calls, contacts in the phonebook and music tracks when paired with a phone.

 The screen offers a customized display with exclusive graphics that has a dual display mode, day and night, to maximize visibility at any time and in any condition. 

A smartphone is connected via Wi-Fi. And Bluetooth® and can be kept charging using the dedicated USB socket on the left side of the TFT screen.


To take advantage of smartphone connectivity, you must install the free SUZUKI mySPIN application.

Unlike other apps used by competitors that take advantage of systems developed for cars. The GSX-S1000GT adopts hardware and software designed specifically for motorcycles. 

As such, SUZUKI mySPIN integrates seamlessly with the TFT screen. The result is creating an intelligent digital environment within the cockpit.

Which updates on vehicle status and travel with relevant information, communications, and entertainment from the pilot’s smartphone.


The app

 SUZUKI mySPIN allows you to access a wide range of valuable functions through a package of five apps with which you can easily interact using the left electric switch. The supported functions are as follows:

  • Contacts: the system can access the smartphone directory and indicate who the calls are to the rider.
  • Telephone: the system allows you to make calls. Either by typing the number directly or selecting contacts from the address book and showing the call log. And can do all this without efficiently stopping the bike.
  • Maps: the pilot can view his current position on the map without the need to download third-party apps. Searching and selecting the destinations of interest to set the route.
  • Music: the rider can use Bluetooth® headphones. To listen to the music files in the smartphone archive and possibly share them with the passenger (it must also come equipped with Bluetooth® headphones connected to the system).
  • Calendar: the pilot can view smartphone calendar notifications on the screen and check events on the agenda and reminders.

The bike arrives at 15,890 Euros which is INR 13,76 Lakhs. As of now we are not sure if Suzuki will bring this bike in India.

via Suzuki Motorcycles

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