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Kawasaki’s supercharged cruiser ‘ Eliminator’

Just when we thought what more could Kawasaki innovate? Oh well, we are wrong. And this isn’t for the first time. Kawasaki is marching ahead when it comes to the Japanese big four. Whether its lethal naked supercharged ZH2 or helping Bimota for there Tesi H2 and KB4. Horex days 2019 Kawasaki Japan to bring […]Read More

Miniature Kawasaki Ninja H2

What you are looking at is Bonsai Kawasaki H2. The Z125 is transformed into a tiny H2 by  Pleasure MC a Kawasaki Dealership based in the Nisshin City, Japan.  Even we can see the ” h2 ” is mentioned in lowercase. What does it get? Exquisitely made 40 plus fibreglass parts. Similar exhaust and clip-on are […]Read More

How about Bimota Tesi H2 clad in Kawasaki Ninja H2

The recent advent of Bimota Tesi H2 and Kawasaki now having 49.9 percent in Bimota we see strong collaboration between these two motorcycle brands for the future. No, we dont intend to start any fashion clothing line.Also, we are not sure if Kawasaki and Bimota has any plans to bring Tesi H2 in different schemes as looking […]Read More

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