The BMW R1250 R in the first production year was a big success. But the latest updates made are stunning and astonishing. 

The new BMW R1250 R Reimagined by Renard comes with everything we’ve grown to love. 

The base R1250 R comes with an air/liquid-cooled 4-stroke flat twin engine, double overhead camshaft, one balance shaft and variable engine timing system BMW ShiftCam with a classic design, cruising prowess, versatility and comfort. 


The 1254cc makes 136 hp at 7,750 rpm and 105 lb-ft at 6,250 rpm.


Besides these features, this bike comes packed with other improvements you wouldn’t expect from an older model.

The keen observer will notice that this article is about the bike instead of the rider (as seen in most custom magazines), which is a signature trademark. 

And this may be new to some people, but in our opinion, the bike has been objectified to an art form – a sculpture. 


But of course, the extension of this philosophy is only possible by making sure that it rides as great as it looks. 

So we have purposefully asked around to make this build as much about the ride.

The BMW R 1250 R ensures a unique riding experience. It gets technical details right that make it stand out from the crowd. But looking good from the outside is only half the battle. 


Renard realized that any custom scene worth its salt starts from a low-key internal design.

The custom

Renard’s design became a classic and beautiful cruiser that stands out from the masses on contemporary roads when combined with the Boxer engine.

Renard pays a great deal of attention to details in their builds. They gave the bike the look of a bobber, but they are all made by hand. 


At first glance, this means that each part was hand-worked and has been specifically designed and optimized for that purpose. 

For example, to make the rear loop stand out even more robust, they put enormous effort into designing an extra-large main frame loop. 

Their designers added a reinforcement bar to complement the main loop under the seat to achieve maximum stability.

It’s a BMW R 1250 R that has been completely stripped, re-engineered and re-built. 


And, of course, being such a collaboration, it had to be exclusive and unique in every way possible. 

The body panels and fuel tank are hands crafted from aluminium, whilst the front grille and triple tree are made from the solid aluminium block by CNC milling. 

Front suspension covers and lattice are 3D printed and then detailed to perfection. The wheels on this build are a beautiful handicraft by Jonich Wheels from Italy.


The Akrapovic titanium mufflers originally belong to Ducati Panigale Superleggera.

Every step of the building process, creative imagination, passion, and attention to detail make this build special. 

And that when you are riding thru the streets on a beautiful day, all eyes are on you!

via Renard

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