With three unique limited edition versions, such as the Montjuich, the Laguna Seca and the Santamonica just for three years, Ducati produced the Ducati 750 F1, and it was from 1985 to 1988.

Later on, we could see the reduced displacement version of 750 as well, and it was Ducati 350 F3 / 400 F3.


Using the inspirational 750 F1, Rebellion of the Machines wanted to build something different, and we could very well see it in their work.

What makes the bike look modern?

The lines are sharp, and the usual red paint scheme now comes into black. The black gloss paint scheme looks more modern and stunning.

Exhausts are more stylish and pulled upward and go with the entire structure of the bike.

The new digital dashboard is something to look for, especially the digital numbers displayed in red.

The rear portion of the bike now is more narrow as compared to the original 750 F1 and rear lights to come with a versatile shape.

Mono Ohlins at rear and Brembos are present to increase the performance, and the moving rims are something every motorcycle enthusiast may want in there bikes.

Overall top job by Rebellion of the machines to change the perception of a motorcycle enthusiast. From classic 750 F1 to the modern 750 F1.

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