Triumph models are ” Made in Thailand “

 Triumph models are ” Made in Thailand “

All the current models except TFC are to be put together in Thailand. Wow quote source: Triumph Motorcycles | For the Ride

Other than TFC all models are made in Thailand

The current model is to be put together in Thailand except for some parts

  • Speed ​​Triple and Tiger 1200 are to be put together in Thailand.
  • TFC and other exclusive models are in the UK, but otherwise is Thai
  • Full switchover scheduled for mid-2020 or later.
  • Even after the shift to Thai production, the Hinckley plant in the UK continues to make about 4,500 motorcycles a year (TFC).
  • Triumph currently produces about 65,000 bikes a year, 10% produced in the UK.

New Indian production models

  • Brazil and India CKD facilities remain.
  • Indian model designed in the UK developed and manufactured in India.
  • Newline less than 500cc is the main.
  • Triumph may sell in India in 2-3 years and soon in the global market.

Focus on R & D

  • All research and design remains in England.
  • Significantly increase the size and authority of the R & D department.
  • Hire an additional 20 staff to develop a dedicated 16,000 square foot R & D center to design and develop all Triumph models.
  • Increased design and engineering staff by 40% and investment in new model development by 80% in the past 5 years.

Source: Triumph Invest In UK R Ando DAs Volume Production Moves To Thailand

Currently, only Speed ​​Triple, Tiger 1200 and TFC are produced in the UK

Bobber TFC Thruxton TFC Rocket 3TFC Speed ​​Triple Tiger 1200.

It is a story that the above model is to be put together in the UK at present. It feels like a three-cylinder TFC model.

So, since Speed ​​Triple and Tiger 1200 is to be put together in Thailand in the middle of 2020, it seems like the whole lineup is usually Thai production. However, there is no name for Daytona 765 Moto 2, but where was Kore produced? 

Perhaps it applies to some exclusive models. Other than the above model, Rocket 3, is built in Thailand. Surprising.

There are also Indian models

“This partnership brings out a different segment within the midrange by manufacturing a new midrange (200-750cc) engine and platform and offering multiple options.

The aim is to start at less than 2 lacs at the price of INR, which provides a gateway to new entry into Triumph’s sales markets around the world and help Triumph to become a significant region of the global motorcycle market. And attract new customers to your brand. “

SourceTriumph and Bajaj Global Partnership Launch | Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph and Bajaj (an Indian motorcycle company that also produces the KTM small-displacement series) and Indian production models.

That’s why Triumph

  • United Kingdom: TFC and exclusive models.
  • Thailand: All current models.
  • India: Newly developed 200-750cc model.

It would be great to produce bikes in the above three countries. (It looks like Triumph have a CKD factory in Brazil.) It’s said that Triumph would continue to do all your research and design in the UK.

Triumph is focusing on design and development.

Triumph has a lot of derivative models and high-tech meters, from partners like Gopro.

Moving to a production area, lowering costs, and spending money on such places.

That area is in MCN ‘s article, so please check there.

BMW produces some engines in China, DUCATI produces scramblers and other parts in Thailand, KTM produces small displacements motorcycles in India, and the middle class produces them in China.

Surprisingly, most overseas manufacturers are starting to produce overseas. However, I feel like some models.

  • Honda: Thai production is high for middle and lower displacement motorcycles.
  • Kawasaki: Most liters or less is produced in Thailand (excluding Z900RS, W800, ZX-6R).
  • Yamaha: About Japan. YZF-R25 series and XMAX produced in Indonesia, 155cc or less overseas.
  • Often Suzukis Japenese GSR250 series is made in China, Bergman 200 is in Thailand, scooters are mostly made in Taiwan and China, and Gixars are in India.
  • Models for Honda and Kawasaki put together overseas.
  • For Yamaha and Suzuki, 250cc or less put together in other countries, but the higher classes are Japan made.

Japanese manufacturers have increased the number of models produced overseas, and the proportion may increase in the future.

Recently Japanese overseas production vehicles seem to have good quality and inspection.

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