Triumph Custom Configuration opi

Triumph Motorcycles brings the powerful customize feature on their website.

And you can access it from here.

Now what it does is it allows the potential buyer to check and select various options to configure the bike.


The advantage of this feature is a buyer can see how the bike will look like by selecting various goodies of the bike. And this happens in five easy steps.

Custom feature

All you need to do is select the configure button. 

  • Select the bike( In this case we selected the Tiger 850 Sport).
  • Choose a colour option from various colours options.

  • Pack denotes whether you want to select a luggage pack or any other pack. And then you can select or deselect the options from the pack. If you choose the price will get added to the total amount however if you remove the amount gets deducted from the full amount.
  • Same applies for Accessories. You can remove the accessories from the selected accessories or add them. Depending upon the addition or deletion of accessories, the amount will be added or deducted from the total amount.
  • And the last step is the configuration mechanism provides the Bike summary.

Arguably the configuration also allows you to save the changes and direct email to your inbox.

There are also some other cool features like the share option where you can share the configuration of the bike on various social media hands like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Further, it also generates the URL so you can copy the URL and paste it in the browser to the configuration options.

It also allows you to expand, zoom and flip the selected bike. The best part on the last Bike Summary option it will enable to print your entire configuration.

The last great feature all the configuration you made to the bike can also be sent to the dealer via email. And further you can say the dealer this is how you want your bike to be.


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