Tucano Urbano’s El’Top Motorcycle helmet offers you fancy colour covers

Tucano Urbano’s El’Top Motorcycle helmet offers you fancy colour covers

Whether you’re getting a helmet for yourself or a loved one, it’s probably best to make sure they have the proper protection. You can only choose your colour and maybe a few features with most helmets. However, El’Top has decided that their helmet should be a little more unique.

A helmet with interchangeable covers. Tucano Urbano’s newest helmet, the El’Top. Allows for rider customization. Many motorcycle brands are known for their gear and accessories. Not necessarily their helmets. 

If that’s the case, the most critical part of their brand is probably their logo. But what happens when you want to customize your helmet more than just painting on some new decals?

Tucano Urbano recently decided to venture outside of the helmet industry. And take a stab at creating headgear for the street. The Italian brand has previously released several motorcycle gear. So that’s no surprise. 

However, what is striking is how the company has tried to do something different by introducing a helmet with interchangeable covers.


It is an innovative new product that will have the riding community buzzing. If you’re familiar with bike helmets, you may have asked yourself. “Why has no one come up with something like this before?” 

Well, wonder no more. Here at Tucano Urbano, we’ve got a helmet for you. A helmet that can keep your head protected from getting injured in a crash and from the elements.

The helmet itself was constructed using polycarbonate. It also comes with a face shield and drop-down sun visor for the hotter and sunnier months. The helmet’s interior is washable and removable. Plus, it is also hypoallergenic with maxi-mesh for added breathability.

On the other hand. The half helmet and many of its full-face counterparts struggle to compete with the universal appeal and versatility. 

The sleek, sporty design will attract the attention of drivers who will even point out your helmet. This helmet can be covered in a variety of colour combinations. 

The helmet is priced at € 119,00

via Tucano Urbano

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