Why should Yamaha bring the new R6 bike?

 Why should Yamaha bring the new R6 bike?

The 599cc middle-order race track weapon Yamaha YZF-R6 was last updated in 2017.

The amended 2017 R6 arrived with components like front brakes, new rear shock, a new aluminium fuel tank, magnesium subframe, ABS brakes, riding modes, and traction control and of course the new aerodynamics with close to 8% reduced drag compared to its earlier versions.

The present R6 is heavily inspired by its older brother R1 with 120 horses and gets the top speed of 257 km/h (160mph).

While we do see updated 2020 R6 in the US and Europe, especially in the UK. However, the updates were only related to colour schemes.

Now here is the important question.

Why do we think Yamaha is in the process to develop a new R6?

Here is our answer. Let’s take a look at the analysis.

1.Countrywise comparative analysis 


In the USA R6 was made available by Yamaha is last October 2019 in three different paint schemes.

  • Team Yamaha Blue 
  • Vivid Orange/Matte Raven Black 
  • Raven 

Yamaha US website.Source: Yamaha USA


In the current situation, Yamaha does sell R6 in the UK and has two colours.

  • Icon Blue and
  • Midnight Black

UK Yamaha website.Source: Yamaha UK

Japan, Indonesia and Thailand

However, we don’t see R6 in Yamaha’s lineup for Japan and Indonesia. The exciting part is Thailand sells Yamaha R6, as we could see it in their list and it comes in two paint schemes.

  • Yamaha Blue and
  • Tech Black

Japan Yamaha website Source: Yamaha Japan

Indonesia Yamaha website Source: Yamaha Indonesia 

Thailand Yamaha website. Source: Thailand Yamaha

The absence of this model in the Japanese and Indonesian lineup is one good reason why we think Yamaha plans to bring the new R6.

On the other hand, we don’t see any patent of a prototype of the upcoming R6. 

As it is too hard to reveal any secret activity when it comes to manufacturers like Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha or Kawasaki.

The second and apparent reason is competition.

2.Competitive Analysis

Kawasaki ZX-6r

Kawasaki as recently introduced its new ZX-6r and comes with max 132 ps (130hp) of power.

Aprilia rs660

The Noale wonder rs660 is spied many times, and Aprilia is all geared to unveil it sometime soon. The rs660 is expected to get 100 hp.

Suzuki gsx-r600

Gsx-r600 is another competitor. Again it comes with 125 hp. Well, there could be a different reason why Suzuki has not updated the Gsx-r600 since 2017. 

Hopefully, we may also see a new gsx-r600 from Suzuki.

Triumph Daytona Moto2 765

This liquid-cooled, 12 valves, DOHC, in-line 3-cylinder from Triumph arrived in limited 1530 copies, 765 for US and Canada and 765 for rest of the planet.

The 765 made cool 130 ps (128 hp). And it is already sold out. Unless Triumph doesn’t have any plan to bring it back, we don’t see it R6 getting a new competitor.

Or chances are Triumph may bring an updated version of Daytona 765.


As of now apart from Aprilia, we don’t see any other Italian manufacturer venturing the 600 cc space.

Till MV Agusta, Ducati, Moto Morini or Bimota has any effective plan to venture in the 600cc space.

These are two strong reasons why we feel Yamaha should bring the updated R6. 

However, when it comes to power, the present R6 (120hp) do compete with its new competitors. And also has the grand design. 

So is this the reason why Yamaha is taking time to bring the R6?

Our Proposal

Further, we would also like to propose our renderings of Yamaha R6 in the new colours. Now, these new paint schemes come in two tones, single tones.

Not to forget we considered every age group of the motorcycle enthusiasts


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