Yadea plans to bring four new electric scooters to their portfolio

 Yadea plans to bring four new electric scooters to their portfolio

Yadea, a Chinese automobile company, the world’s largest two-wheeler (electric) scooters manufacturer, is coming up with four new and affordable electric scooters. 

The models are C-Umi, C-Line, G5, C1S models, suitable for riding in the city traffic. According to the reports, Yadea trades with 80 nations around the world. 

Yadea sells more than 6 million two-wheeler scooters annually. The scooters (electric) made in China are available in Germany, also via forwarding agencies. 

Yadea C-Umi and Yadea C-Line

Both Yadea electric scooters’ models are known to drive at a maximum speed of 45 kmph with an electric motor of power 1200 watts (1.6 hp). 

The lithium-ion battery is replaceable and can charge within 4-6 hours. In one charge. The battery can cover a possible range of approximately 60 kilometres. 

Both the models weigh around 65 kilograms. The battery has 11 kg weight, and the vehicle gets a total weight of 76 kilograms. 

With an approximate weight of 221 kilograms, the maximum payload is 145 kilograms. 

Yadea C-Umi and Yadea C-Line incorporate the keyless start, standard as a USB socket with LEDs all around and disc brakes. 

The models differ in the design as Yadea C-Umi has tried to imitate the look of Vespa for few curves. At the same time, Yadea C-Line has got classic scooter lines. Both the models are available for the price of 1799 euros each. 

Yadea G5

Another excellent Yadea model is G5, which can accelerate up to 45 kmph with a higher quality of equipment installed.

With a maximum range of 80 kilometres, it has a battery to deliver 2.3 kW, and the battery comes fully charged within 8 hours.  

Yadea provides a7-inch LC display with an automatic brightness control feature.

The smartphone can be connected and stowed in a compartment designed for storage with a USB port inside the front panel. 

The model 8is equipped with 12-inch wheels, LED lights, an alarm system, a storage compartment of 26 litres under the seat.

Hydraulic disc brakes of 220 mm on both the wheels, a battery of 11 kg, payload of 155 kilograms, vehicle weight of 88 kilograms. The model ranges between 2599 euros to 2999 euros. 

Yadea C1S

The Yadea C1S goes up to s maximum speed of 45 kmph installed with 2200 watts of the brushless hub motor.

It has disc brakes and a combination Braking System (CBS) used to brake. The battery uses the same cells as used in Tesla Model S, providing a maximum range of 80 kilometres. 

The weight of the scooter is 96 kilograms with a load of 171 kilograms. You can charge in 8 hours. 

Keyless start, 5-inch LC display, smartphone connectivity, cruise control, LED lights all around, theft alarm, USB sockets, and reverse gear are standard.

A light sensor at the front ensures the main headlights switch automatically in the dark and switch off again whenever there is light. The model costs 3299 euros. 


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