2021 Kawasaki ZX-10r and ZX-10rr are on the way

 2021 Kawasaki ZX-10r and ZX-10rr are on the way

Well well well Kawasaki is not sitting entirely on Ninja ZX-10R and ZX-10RR, and by looking at these images, we do see some traction developed.

The news comes after the certification information is submitted in Australia.

Last wee received the update on the ZX-10R and ZX-10RR was in December 2019. These new variants will align with Euro5 requirements. So 

So expect some engine updates. The documents also show the new variants will come with the new fairings.

However initially  Kawasaki had not decided upon the release date, and November 23 was likely to date. 

But, we hear now Kawasaki has planned to launch them on November 23.

Moreover, the information also involves the images of bikes and how they look.

  • The front looks similar to H2 with the compact nose.
  • Headlights are LEDs.
  • A full TFT dash.
  • Euro5 compliant.

The colours look cool, and both are in a matte finish. To identify here the black matte is ZX-10r and the ZX-10rr is green matte.

2021 ZX-10r

2021 ZX-10rr

From the documents, we don’t see any change in the power figures—however, the engine speed changes.

  • While the 998c 2020 2021 ZX-10R calibrates 200hp at 13500 rpm and 2020 ZX-10RR comes with 201 hp at 13500rpm.
  • The 998cc 2021 ZX-10R calibrates 200hp at 13200 rpm and the 2021 ZX-10RR comes with 201 hp at 14000rpm.

From the pictures, the callipers and forks are similar to the current variants, which are Brembo callipers and Shows balance free front fork.

Frame too looks very similar. Further weight to remains same compared to the current variant, which is  427.7 pounds which is 194kg.

For other specs, we may have to wait till November 23.


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