Honda teases upcoming SH350

 Honda teases upcoming SH350

Honda is going all big guns with recently launched Honda Forza 125 and 750.

Now we do see Honda is all geared to launch 2021 SH350 variant which is on the same date as the launch of the new 2021 Honda CB1000r. November 10, 2021.

The aesthetics differ slightly when the present and the upcoming SH350 variant are compared.

What changes?

  • The design looks similar; however, the front headlight now becomes oval; the present model has a round headlight.
  • Also, there is a chance of getting new rims on the new variant.
  • New SH350 will align with the Euro5 norms with more power.
  • Expect the displacement to go up by 50cc from 290cc to 320cc.
  • Peak power to rise at least by 4hp which is from 25.2hp to 29.2 hp. Similarly, the increase in torque from 27Nm to 32Nm.
  • The video also shows the dash, which will be entirely digital. The dash comes in two sections the upper section shows the essential parameters like the temperature, time, km, and the lower area offers information like the Trip A and Trip B.

However, the front looks cool with a small grill having two protruding headlights above.

The teaser looks dark but also shows finer details like the two thick bold blue lines above the headlight and these same lines are present till the mirrors.

Well, we may have to wait for a few days more, but it looks like the wait is going to be worth.

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Akash Dolas

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