Well, we see the comeback by Excelsior-Henderson as Bajaj has secured the naming rights not only for the Indian market. But for various markets which now includes for Europe.

History of Excelsior-Henderson

Founded in 1876 as a manufacturer that produced the bicycles as well as bicycle components. In 1905 Excelsior unveiled its very first motorcycle.

Until 1999 the company was doing well and had invested $100 million. However, due to market conditions, they were not able to secure any additional investment.


Therefore further under Chapter 11, the company had to file for its reorganisation. 

Later the company sold few assets to Florida investment group. However, the production never started again.

At Mecum auction in 2018, the Excelsior-Henderson brand was on sale. However, with no potential buyer, the brand stood still.

What does it mean for Bajaj?

Bajaj can use the name Excelsior-Henderson for motorcycles, accessories, clothing and accessories.

Unlike other brands like Norton, which is revived by TVS. Jawa and BSA by Mahindra group.

We see Bajaj who is a shareholder in KTM and is also a partner of Triumph

may revive the Excelsior-Henderson brand.


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