We’ve all seen the Batpod drifting through the streets of Gotham City on screen. But it hasn’t been seen for over half a decade.

Now it looks like Batman is getting a new toy Batcycle in his arsenal in the upcoming Flash movie.And this one looks just as deadly and powerful as his previous motorcycles.


People who have been following the development of the Flash movie know that one of the first photos released from the movie set was of Ezra Miller riding a super-cool Batcycle.


There is no doubt that the Batmobile is one of the most well-known vehicles in all of the pop culture.But getting a new version of it in DC.

Extended Universe may be an exciting way to give Batman something fresh without trampling such a classic vehicle.

If the new design for Batman’s vehicle were to appear on screen.It could still be incredibly recognizable as his infamous vehicle. And would make things interesting when it comes to future interactions between heroes and villains.

The film

However, it seems as if Zack Snyder has given his fellow director and DC Films’ co-headman, Matthew Vaughn.A heavy dose of Venom just in time for him to compete with DC Extended Universe’s next big superhero flick.

From what we’ve gathered so far from photos taken by an onlooker at Shepperton Studios. Where the movie was being filmed. The vehicle won’t be called the Batpod so much as it will be called The Batcycle.

The movie is scheduled to arrive in 2022 and will have Ezra Miller as The Flash and Ben Affleck as Batman.

The makers have not revealed many details about this new Batcycle.But an inventory list that surfaced online a few weeks ago told that the bike might be armed with the flamethrowers. And what looks like a stun gun or an EMP emitter.

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