The names from DC 01 to DC 09 are clear representations of BMW’s concept “Vision DC Roadster”.

Well, we thought before last EICMA BMW was carrying out tests on the Vision DC Roadster.

However, registrations of names like DC01 to DC 09 meant BMW might plan to bring this electric roadster soon.


BMW Motorrad as filed and registered eleven new names. They are all point to new electric motorcycles and electric scooters: DC 01, DC 02, DC 03, DC 04, DC 05, DC 06, DC 07, DC 08 and DC 09. 

The name DC looks like Vision DC Roadster, and BMW presented this in last EICMA. DC meant Direct current.

Then we saw in December 2019 the BMW Roadster E-Power concept.

Tested by European Journalists it is a mix of S1000R and the rear of R 1200 RS, and the name goes by BMW E-Power Roadster and last year this was a work in progress.

The numbers 01 to 09 does show there are several models or variants BMW Motorrad has planned to bring.

And could be aligned between Vision DC Roadster and E-Power Roadster concept.

The registrations of the names also meant this a long term plan from BMW Motorrad. However, they may not launch this e-motorcycles and e-scooters soon.

The two other registered names CE02 and CE04 are also reserved.

Well, we can analyse from the name here is CE04 may be a successor of the present C Evolution.

The CE02 may arrive as the younger sibling of CE04.

In terms of structure we may also see these e-motorcycles take inspiration from a few motorcycles like BMW F 900 XR or F 900 R. However, it is not clear.

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