About the Vision Moto

Let see what Vision Moto Project is and what they have to say

“Introducing the Vision Moto Project, a story-driven motorcycle and art show curated by META. 

More than just a bike show, the Vision Moto Project is the first event of it’s kind to hit the mile-high city. 


It’s a celebration of culture and craft, art and design, and the unique vision of the creators and innovators that inspire us. 

But most of all, it’s a gathering for the community to immerse themselves in motorcycle culture and an extension of the magazine to bring to life the stories that connect us “.


About Meta

For over six years, META has gained notoriety as creative storytellers in the motorcycle space. 

Inspired by other shows across the country, we want to build upon that platform with a new approach, highlighting the ‘purpose’ behind the bike and share the stories that make each motorcycle so unique. 


Initially, the dates for events were finalized. However, no surprises but the event is postponed due to the Corona pandemic. 

The event is not canceled; however, it is just postponed, and the new dates are being discussed.


Tickets can be purchased here.

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