BMW Motorrad’s electric scooter concept ‘CE04’

 BMW Motorrad’s electric scooter concept ‘CE04’


BMW Motorrad Definition CE04 is the new electric comes from the German giant.

If we push a rewind button, BMW did had something similar earlier, and it is “Link” if you remember?

Based on similar lines, BMW Motorrad has brought CE04. The technical specs of CE04 are still under the veils.

However, BMW Motorrad aims to showcase its capabilities when it comes to electric scooters and how they are moving in the same direction.

If you compare the 2017 Link and the 2020 CE04, the Link is instead a futuristic idea which we thought is not yet ready.

However, the CE04 is more like a production model which BMW Motorrad may plan to bring it on the road shortly.

Radical design

The radical CE04 design has made it feasible to place the batteries underbody with a massive compartment on one side. Where in a helmet can be stored.

Clear lines, generous surfaces and distinctive design underline the modern impression of the proportions.

The use of two colours further enhances this: beneath the modern surface finish in Mineral White metallic. A matt black area forms the core of the vehicle, the technical heart.

It stretches from front to rear and, in addition to the tyres and front lights, also integrating the drive unit and the suspension elements.

The BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 deliberately stages the bike’s technology as part of the design. That is why the side panels don’t completely cover the vehicle’s side section at the rear.

Instead, they stretch across parts of the vehicle’s side like little wings allowing views of the drive unit, cooling ribs, single-sided swingarm, spring strut and tooth belt.

The design of the lights is modern. The two U-shaped LED front lights come as a minimalist design. Their clear-cut layout and the slim contours accentuate the modern and trailblazing visual appeal of the front section.

The rear lights come integrated into the backside panels in the form of two C-shaped light elements.

Besides the designers also has given thought about the protective wearables like the white open face helmet, jeans, sneakers and a casual cut parka.

The jacket comes with the such as the integrated light guides in the sleeves and hood ensure greater visibility in road traffic. And can be switched on and changed in colour via sensors in the sleeve.

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