Ducati Motor Holding closes 2019 with 53,183 bikes delivered to customers worldwide. Nudging last year’s figure of 53,004 bikes even higher.

A significant contribution to this result came from the Panigale .With sales totaling 8,304, it retains the market leadership established in 2018. It confirms its status as the world’s best-selling superbike with a market share of 25%.

Custom V4

Now Tabooshop, based in Vietnam, is famous for its high-end custom building bikes having another branch in California, USA.Is on a mission to make the V4 more famous.

The folks at the Taboo Shop had turned the Ducati Panigale V4 into one the darkest custom we would say all clad in black carbon fiber. 

It does look like a suit designed for a superhero, and that essentially gives the bike an all-new look.


While the wheels to are carbon fiber made. And that we believe must have considerably helped the folks at Taboo shop to bring down its weight component. 

Black and Red

The bike is primarily made with two colors, red and black, while we don’t see much red. We do see a few wires in red and a thin red line below the seat. The outer border of the fuel tank cap is red too.

Small toy light blue color fan is present on the front mudguard that circulates when the bike is in motion is something that we don’t see on motorcycles.

The night shots make this custom made V4 look different while in a day, it seems like a “Dark Raven.” 

A small wheel at the rear that supports the chain gets different color bolts on it.

As for the price, it does look like high with those carbon fiber components on it. But that doesn’t necessarily stop it from making headlines does it?

Here are snapshots of Step by Step build by Taboo Shop.

Night shots of custom Ducati V4

Source : Tabooshop

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