DoFresh, based in Rennes, France, unlike the name, brings the new concept totally. The first impression of this concept definitely makes you think.

The concept gives you a glimpse of the ” RACE GRID “; however, it is futuristic, and the race is held on some other planet.


What is notable to see is the bike gets futuristic make, but what we also observe is the bike rider is ” Humanoid “ which is a combination of both Robot and Human as we see his right leg denotes it.

The Staff (Grid Girl) again looks like a lady humanoid standing with an umbrella in her one hand.

The bike gets the non-conventional suspension that we usually see in Bimota bikes.

As any rider riding this machine goes across tricky turns, the Hub-center comes into play by improving the navigational geometry.

To bring a consistent movement to the handlebar, it plays another crucial role by disseminating the braking, steering, and suspension roles.

About DoFresh

Freelance concept artist and illustrator open for opportunities.Strong artistic background with a master’s degree in computer graphics.

Experience in video games, book cover artworks, TV, and cinema productions.

Clients include (among others): Framestore, Ubisoft, Focus Home Interactive, Unit Image, HarperCollins, Axis Animation, Epic Games, Passion Pictures.

Does NOT work for exposure.


Publications in various medias

  • Online Feature: Interview and making-of for Kitbash 3D
  • Book: Spectrum, The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, issue #24,25 and 26
  • Online Feature:
  • Online Feature: This-is-cool,3Dtotal, Concept Art World and Kotaku

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