Press release from Advans Group.Newron Motors plans to produce in France a high-end electric motorcycle and high performance. As part of our innovation activities, we have established a technical partnership with the ambitious start-up.

At the end of his adolescence, Sébastien Mahut, a motorcycle enthusiast, dreams of designing an all-electric bike. A motorcycle of modern times, reliable, propelled by a clean and silent energy. From an existing machine, an Aprilia Futura . He had designed in his garage a first prototype. 

After 1 year of work, he present to the public a machine capable of accelerating up to 110 km / h and enjoying a range of about 60 km. The vehicle is not homologated because it no longer corresponds to the registration card, but the bet is successful. Small detail: Sébastien must now think about passing his motorcycle license …


Sébastien finished his studies at Polytech Paris Sud. He was officially hired in 2009 at Sagem Défense Sécurité, as an electronic engineer. 

In 2014, he meets Michel Sérafin. The two engineers began to make “plans on the comet”, and the rest of the project takes shape. They develop the first technical prototype in an incubator called Usine IO, then a second one.

“From the scribbled project through several informal meetings, we built the structure of our fledgling project and gave it a first landing place in an incubator for two and a half years. We left our jobs and made the bet to give birth to this project. Says Michel.

Adventure becomes for them a full-time project.

Newron Motors is officially founded at the end of 2016. In 2017, they integrate the hardware program FOCUS by Usine IO, which allows them to join the famous Station F start-up campus, where they meet the design teams of Dassault Systèmes. 

With these, they set goals and workshops that allow them to guide the product design. In a second step, within the mobility division of Dassault, they are advised by a team of engineers to develop the technical parts of the bike.

Newron Motors aims to launch a limited edition of 12 road-certified models in 2020 before moving to larger scale commercialization in 2021. At the same time, the team launched a major dynamic testing campaign. It is in this context that she begins her collaboration with us.

“We have fully entered the era of electric vehicles, with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, energy dependency and improving urban air quality. Explains Frédéric Onado, ADVANS Group’s Director of R & D and Innovation. 

“Newron Motors offers an answer to these challenges while maintaining an uncompromising user experience with a bike with a strong image and character. It is a very beautiful project, whose technological stakes associated (electronics, embedded software, communication interface, AI) we are passionate about ADVANS Group. “

As part of this partnership, we started to design a test bench from our ELSYS Design technical center in Cachan. In a second step, it is planned to extend the collaboration at the level of the control and communication interface parts.

The name Newron is actually the contraction of Newton, which serves to establish a value of torque (the acceleration felt), and neuron, which refers to the artificial intelligence. 

Newron Motors is indeed aiming to design a learning motorcycle, which will know how to adapt its consumption and predict the optimal course according to the recorded use. 

In addition, this bike will be connected, and accessible to the driver from an iOS and Android smartphone application, which will allow for example to perform predictive maintenance. All these subjects for which AViSTO has a strong expertise.

“As Peter Drucker puts it,” The best way to predict the future is to create it, “says Sebastien Mahut, technical director of Newron Motors. “To get to the end of our adventure, we want to surround ourselves with leading technical and technological partners. After Dassault Systèmes, we are proud to start a collaboration with ADVANS Group. “

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