Harley-Davidson announced it would launch a new powerful model from the camp today. With the use of cutting-edge technology by unveiling the new range acquired from the Sporster development. Announcing the imminent arrival of the “Sportster” of this new model.

The Harley-Davidson Company has released a short “Instrument of Expression” teaser video. Showing some parts of the new Sportster to be launched soon. 

The motor vehicle announced as the “Next Revolution” will return in a more cruiser style. Than the current Sportster S model. 


The Motor Company explained that the new Sportster motorbike is “a motorcycle that fully embodies the exhilarating spirit of weekend rides. Travelling to meet new people and exploring your environment.”

The new model is named the Sportster and based on a “Sportster S” platform. Harley said that it would appeal to young urbanites who use the language of the motorcycle instead of cars. Which will increase its presence in major cities around the world.


Well, what difference do we see? There are a couple when it comes to exhaust design as the pipe arrives from the rear cylinder and goes forward towards the curves. And this blocks the crank keeping it open for the custom.

The latest bike to join the line-up will also allow customers to show off their style through progressive accessories that add convenience and customization.

Some reports imply that this is a different engine, and if they go back to the debut of the Revolution Max engine. The manufacturer stated that it would be ready for this engine. It does mean the engine’s capacity ranges from 500 ccs to 1,250 ccs. And it is likely the engine in this range won’t be the same as in Pan America and Sportster S.

It works with a new max engine, and it is likely to use a unit of 975 ccs at the starting point. The displacement capacity of the original model ranged from 883 ccs up to 1,200 ccs. It will become a strength against direct competitors like Indian motorcycles company.

However, we will have to wait till April 12.

via Youtube

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