Entering the market of delivery vehicles is not an easy task, considering that many companies are offering the same thing and one has to stick out in the crowd. But then again, when you look at the Rena Max e-scooter by Barq, you realize that it is not easy. At first glance, this electric scooter appears to be a hybrid of different elements, both literally and figuratively.

Rena Max

Unconstrained yet highly functional is how the design of Barq’s Rena Max e-scooter shines out in the crowd to break the jinx. With most electric scooters being predictable and similar to the competition, Barq’s offering delivers optimum value to users and customers. Given its origins, that strategy is understandable.



The story of Barq and its debut offering, the Rena Max e-scooter, is also deeply rooted in the needs of the delivery personnel in the Middle East and North African markets. There was a strong need to make their job easier with an electric scooter that would allow them to get their job done more quickly, safely, and efficiently.

A stylish and sleek electric scooter called Barq arrived with Americana, a Kuwaiti food group. Their main intention is to eliminate urban delivery problems such as congestion, accidents and traffic jams. They hope that Barq’s lowing of the Saudi (and the Emirati) ridership will enhance overall safety for short-distance driving.


Americana Group

With 1200 food and beverage outlets, Americana Group has a strong presence in the middle east. In a region where the concept of last-mile delivery is still relatively new, Barq. An e-scooter based service that utilizes last-mile delivery as a significant component of its business model, was introduced to fill this gap.

The Barq is a stylish e-scooter designed for last-mile delivery in the Middle East region. With an IoT-enabled ecosystem and integrated software for customized storage. It is intuitive and easy to use. It comes with a large 8-inch touchscreen. And batteries are kept cool through a battery cooling system to keep the electricity flowing.



A highly-efficient alternative for last-mile delivery, the Rena Max is quite capable of transporting both people and goods over long distances. It gets an on-demand electricity supply system with a 9kW motor, enabling swift acceleration and a top speed of 97 km/h.

It has a removable battery 5.6 kWh battery capable of going 150 km on a single charge.

With multiple riding modes, the e-scooter will have reverse gear. Further, the scooter will get a single-sided swingarm. The scooter also gets a heat-lowering textured seat to protect against hot weather.

Rena Max, the first electric scooter from UAE brand Barq will arrive in the UAE and Saudi Arabia markets, company officials have announced, by the end of 2025. With no word on the pricing, the company will at least make 50,000 copies.

via Barq


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