Honda brings the updated 2021 MSX125 Grom

 Honda brings the updated 2021 MSX125 Grom

Before few days we were talking about Honda Grom since Honda has not updated the Grom which is also know as MSX125 in Europe.

However now in Europe, the name now ends with Grom, so it officially becomes MX125 Grom.

The new Grom comes with new motor, retro aesthetics and gets addition in gears. The new design now comes with thin LED headlights which now has a subframe.

Additionally, it boasts about the lowered seat and evocative tank covers and panels.

Well, we did say about the new Grom getting a custom flare. That’s right in the original 2021 Honda MX125 Grom you can remove the panels and.

These panels come attached with few screws.

The new dash comes with gear indicator and rev counter and then, of course, the new single-cylinder motor. However, the performance figures remain the same as 9.8 HP and 10.5 Nm torque.

Further, the Grom also now aligns with Euro5 compliance. The new five-speed transmission will help to give more sprints to the new Grom.

The exhaust at the rear has two outputs. There is no change in the 12-inch wheels as well as the chassis.

The new 2021 Honda MSX 125 Grom gets Gayety Red, Force Silver Metallic and Matt Matt Gunpowder Black Metallic paint scheme.

Honda has not disclosed the price; however, in Europe, the old Grom costs close to Euro 3,700, and we may see a price hike.

We are still not sure if Honda plans to bring the 2021 Honda Grom to India.

Even if it does, it may take some time.


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Akash Dolas

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