How much cred do you get for having a one-off custom motorcycle at every bike show? A lot. But also, what if your bike could perform and go fast? That’s where Hookie Co. comes in. 

Electric class in Glemseck 101 

When word broke that the Glemseck 101 would be introducing an electric class for its first-ever sprint races. Questions followed about whether existing EV platforms could handle the stresses of open-class drag racing. And again, that’s where Hookie Co and Osa come in. 

Based out of Dresden, Germany, Hookie Co. builds out of a small workshop on either side of the city.


They design one-off parts for their builds.With everything from frames to exhausts being created in house and tailored to the bikes they are intended for.

The Hookie Co. team have put their skills to the test with a one-off electric “Silver Ant ” sprint racer for the Glemseck 101. An annual race and festival that sees custom builders from all over the globe converge in Leonberg, Germany to compete in one-off bikes in a myriad of different sprint races. 


Glemseck 101

Each year, the Glemseck 101 festival hosts a plethora of modified motorcycles in Germany. However, [the organizers] also invite custom motorcycle builders to create one-off models for display at the annual event. This year is no different, with Hookie Co-creating a one-of-a-kind electric low slung streetfighter.

A one-off CAKE Ösa+ Sprint Racer has been revealed by the German motorcycle craftsmen Hookie Co and is based on Cake’s Ösa+ models.

A chopped, bobbed and braced electric bike in the sprint racer style sounds like an alluring idea. But few would appreciate the amount of work building and maintaining such a machine requires. 

Electric Sprint Racer

However, Hookie decided to build just that using many parts and components like the Hookie’s Ant bolt-on kit with aluminium cover shrouding, resulting in an ultra-sleek electric sprint racer. 

Designed with typical swoops and curves, Hookie Co. Applied their typically detailed and intricate craftsmanship to build this aggressive sprint racer from the ground up using their skills.

As such, Hookie Co. crafted a one-off electric sprint Racer. That turns what would typically be an ultra-aggressive road bike into something markedly more focused.

And track-like thanks to some key and rather apparent changes that are more than just aesthetic. And they are rear sets, low position with low handlebars and pushed down the fork.


The donor

The donor for Hookie Co.’s custom CAKE Ösa+ Sprint Racer has been prepped beautifully with a comprehensive bespoke headlight. And taillight that runs with the help of an Arduino controller.

To achieve a top speed of at least 100 mph and ensure it competes with other drag racers. Hookie Co modified the donor bike on a large scale, involving retuning the software and controller.

Other modifications are as below.

  • Aluminium body panel
  • Magura HC3 front brake lever
  • Michelin Tires
  • Modified engine and battery software
  • Custom Frozen* Grips
  • Custom triple clamps
  • Fork guards
  • Tail-mounted antenna for remote monitoring

As the name suggests, Glemseck 101 is a celebration of automotive and motorcycle culture, but it’s also a race day for many of Europe’s most hardcore racers, tuners and collectors. And this year, we will see the electric sprint racer “Silver Ant ” making it to the Glemseck 101 lineup.

via Hookie Co and Glemseck 101


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