Horwin brings electric scooter EK1

 Horwin brings electric scooter EK1

Following the successful market launch of the EK3 this autumn. Electric two-wheeler manufacturer HORWIN is further expanding its range of electric scooters.

In January 2021 his new little brother HORWIN EK1 will join him. Production is already running at full speed.

The two eye-catchers are mostly identical in appearance and dimensions.


The big difference to the EK3, however, is the installed wheel hub motor with max. Power of 2.8 kW, which classifies EK1 in the vehicle category L1e (EK3: 6.2 kW/ L3e).

With the cheerful colours orange and medium blue as well as matt black and white. The moped or Motorbike also appeals to a younger audience. Highlights of the EK1 equipment:

All-round LED lights, automatic light switch-off delay, cruise control, reverse gear, helmet storage compartment under the seat and ergonomic design.

EK1 has another twin – the EK1 Light. The difference: The maximum speed of the EK1 is limited to max. 45 km/h and reduced to 25 km/h for the EK1 Light.

Both versions come offered with different batteries.


In the Standard Range (26 Ah) the EK1 can travel up to 70 km. In the Extended Range (40 Ah) 120 km. The EK1 Light even manages up to 80 or 140 km.

The recommended retail prices (including VAT) are for EK1 and EK1 Light in the Standard Range each at € 2,490. In the Extended Range, the e-scooters come priced at € 2,790.

HORWIN Europe GmbH is headquartered in Kammersdorf near Vienna. And has a well-developed dealer network in Europe.

The vehicles are produced at HORWIN Global in China specifically for European needs in the areas of quality, safety and dimensioning.

Europe’s headquarters is involved in vehicle development. Behind HORWIN Europe are the entrepreneurial families Zhou Wei from China and Heinzl from Austria.

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