Worldwide there is significantly less number of manufacturers who have filed patents for hybrid motorcycles.


And one among them is Piaggio MP3 Hybrid, well it is not in production. However, we see the trend has not lost the focus, and now after BMW Kawasaki had filed the second hybrid patent.

However, last year Kawasaki had filed another hybrid patent. The hybrid technology involves a successful combination of both the worlds electric as well as a standard combustion engine.


Last EICMA, we saw multiple innovations coming from Kawasaki right from the electric motorcycle to its medium-term projects.

Well, there was a rumour about Kawasaki working on the hybrid machine solely based on the hybrid patent filed.

However, the patent doesn’t always turn into reality.

Hybrid machine

However, the video showcased on November 23rd takes Kawasaki’s ambition further. The video talks about some important information as well as there is the typical exhaust note to hear.

The motorcycle will have two motors, one electric and the other thermal.

Further Kawasaki is also in the process to develop the artificial intelligence mechanism to understand where the bike is located geographically.

So gets automatically adjusted to its engine requirements.

Interesting further depending upon the situation, it will also allow the two motors to work separately.

Rider Assistance 

There will also be an AI mechanism where a motorcycle can interact with the rider. Via its assistants like the Alexa, Siri or Google the rider will be able to check the essential things like the weather forecast or the performance of the bike.

Kawasaki has already begun its tests on this mechanism in Japan. 

Further, there will also be driving automation.

The hybrid motorcycle as Kawasaki plans will not be for now. However, with gaining momentum, we are sure to see this technology to arrive in future.


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