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KYMCO introduces DT X360, a maxi scooter that demonstrates KYMCO’s latest innovation of “Adventure Crossover”.  

The scooter provides riders with the freedom to seek the adventures they desire in their everyday lives. KYMCO DT X360 features the proper proportions.


The 320.6cc, OHC, 4 Stroke, 4V, single-cylinder offers 21.2 kW / 7250 rpm power and 30 Nm / 5750 rpm torque.

The front mudguard characterizes the spirit of a dual-sport motorcycle. It has a broader handlebar for easy steering on uneven pavement. And a higher seating position that improves rider visibility. 

The light-weight wheels and the adventure-oriented tires further enhance its ability to ride through rough surfaces. 

Besides, DT X360 comes with a keyless system that offers convenient access to the vehicle. It also has a traction control system that dramatically increases vehicle stability in all conditions. 

The colour LED dashboard offers maximum legibility. 

Together, it offers the all-around capability for riders to easily manoeuvre in urban traffic. Comfortably cruise on the freeway and confidently explore the uncharted when desired.



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