MV Agusta has fired up the rumour mill by teasing its latest creation — a one-off version of its flagship superbike called the Superveloce Testalarga Special Edition.

Considering MV Agusta’s knack for limited-run models, it shouldn’t surprise that the company will bring something like Superveloce as a base model.

However, the One-Of-One Superveloce is meant to stand apart from all other special editions in company history. The no different model encapsulates MV Agusta’s vision quite like the Superveloce. It is because it features a matte carbon finish, unlike any of its other limited edition models.


But from a motorcycle enthusiast’s viewpoint, it looks to be the base for the brand’s upcoming “One-Off” limited edition model.

To be more specific, we took notice of MV Agusta’s Instagram account. We saw several teases of a new Superveloce model with a hashtag that read “The One-Of-One Superveloce Testalarga.” 

There will be one thing for sure with MV Agusta’s upcoming “One-Off” Superveloce again dubbed the Testalarga. 

Expected specs

It will most likely be dripping with Italian inspired style that can only come from the historic motorcycle manufacturer. As we mentioned before, the Testalarga was billed as a one-off special. 

It will come with a lightweight tubular frame and may even have an aggressive riding posture than the standard model. This time around, this bike will feature a red perforated suede saddle, matte gold frame and wheels.

It should appear to anyone high roller who can’t go wrong by purchasing this Italian masterpiece to show off at their local racetracks or wherever they please ever since MV Agusta released these photos.

We get a shot of the tail section, which includes the Tricolore flag and subtle text such as “Superveloce” and “Testalarga.” The next photo shows us some of the front ends, but we don’t get much detail with a motorcycle approaching from behind. We then see a side view of the bike, yellow and red. 

Next up is an image of the fuel tank, which has a red shade and ties in with the rest of the design. The last thing we see in this initial teaser is a rear view of the bike that shows us dual exhausts and MV Agusta’s logo on them, supported by Pirelli tyres.

Interesting numbers

The Italian motorbike manufacturer MV Agusta has released some interesting numbers for a new motorcycle.

It sees its 800cc three-cylinder motor pushed to the limit with a power increase to 180 horsepower and will be capable of 0 to 100 kilometres per hour (62 miles per hour) in just 3.05 seconds. That same acceleration will see the bike reach 200 kilometres (124 miles per hour) in just 9 seconds.

No one does a superbike quite like MV Agusta. The Italian brand’s ability to weave magic with high-performance motorcycles is no denying.

All we need is to wait for more details.

via MV Agusta Instagram and MV Agusta Facebook

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