News : Thai Gentlemen Racer 200 arrives in Japanese market

News : Thai Gentlemen Racer 200 arrives in Japanese market

GPX entered the Japanese market and exhibited their freshest items at the 2018 Tokyo Motor Show. Around then GPX showed the Racer demonstrate named GPX Gentleman Racer 200. As the name proposes, this motorbike has a smaller than expected Cafe Racer structure that conveys a 200 cc . It isn’t just the hypothesis, it is on the grounds that GPX is not kidding about promoting its items in the place where there is the rising sun …

For data, the Gentlemen Racer 200 GPX has a length of 220 mm with an all out width of 790 mm and a seat stature of 730 mm. The heaviness of the engine itself was not very light and even would in general be substantial, to be specific translucent 160 kg. For the GPX legs, the Gentleman Racer 200 has been stacked with enough gambot tires, to be specific 110 front and 140 back tires …

About GPX

GP Motor (Thailand) Co ltd formerly known as ATV Panthers founded in 2007 as a manufacturer and operator of ATV and motocross in Thailand which were among the first in that period. ATV Panthers achieved dramatically growing in sales and got attention from specific group of customers.

After that,  they developed and turned into motorcycle registration market. Now GP Motor continues growing in Thailand as third places in the market and contributes more than 300 distributors nationwide.

Source : GPX Thailand

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