Yamaha plans to announce its upcoming XSR155 in mid of August and the model for Indonesia and Thailand are as below.

For Indonesia

  • The code name of the model that seems to be Yamaha’s XSR155 is B1VB.
  • The base model used is MT-15, which gets a retro-modern style.
  • The body structure is the same as that of MT-15.
  • Headlight, meter, tank, seat, and tail are different from MT-15.
  • The dash is quite similar to the XSR700.

For Thailand

  • NMAX155, MT-03, and XSR155 are candidates, but the possibility of XSR155 is the highest
  • XSR155 has been tested in Thailand since early 2019
  • MT-15 base

Appearance for Indonesian model

B1V XSR155 is expected to be announced in Thailand on August 16 and will get the tracker style modern classic look. Flat tack roll seat with the tandem seat belt in the middle with a teardrop tank.

Dual-purpose tire (similar to IRC GP210) and Front and rear 17 inches. The meter is a circular digital, and it is placed in the middle without being biased to the right like the XSR700. Round eyes LED headlight. The tail lamp looks similar to XSR700 and XSR900. Engine, front fork, swing arm, the wheel comes from MT-15.

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