Ola Electric scooters launched delayed due to technical reasons

 Ola Electric scooters launched delayed due to technical reasons

Just a day after the Ola electric scooters were supposed to be launched in India, its CEO has sent out a letter to the customers where he has apologised for the delay in getting these scooters underway in India.

Ola was supposed to launch the scooter on September 8th. However, the new date comes sighted as September 15th, and the reason arrives as technical.

The news comes as a big disappointment for the company as well as its customers. 

There is no doubt that this product has the potential to change the face of personal transportation. It might also be why Ola talks about raising $1.7 billion to date for this project.

And these funds will come from strategic and financial investors.

Given that all the pre-bookings have happened online, some bound to get delayed. Some buyers even managed to get an e-mail from Ola saying that their pre-booking would be in September. 

The delay

It would be interesting to see how the company operates to make up for this gap in delivery timetables.

However, the schedule change doesnt hamper the sales process. For customers who have booked will get their scooter as per the booking sequence. 

As far as the process goes, the entire process is digital, and there is no paperwork involved. From July 2021, Ola had started to take pre-orders of its scooters with just Rs 499.

Both the Ola S1 and S1 Pro have are developed from scratch. Because these e-scooters have a low seat height, one can expect to find highly nimble handling characteristics.

Ola has made these scooters for optimum comfort, with well-padded seats and wider foot-bets for easy foot placement.

On a serious note, both these scooters will arrive with excellent features: keyless start, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, touch screen console, and full LED.

The S1 Pro further gets cruise control and hill hold system and is compared to S1. There is a difference in the batteries too.

The S1 Pro will run for 181km and 115kmph. The S1 will arrive in five paint schemes, while the S1 Pro will have ten paint schemes.

Source : Ola Electric


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