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After COVID-19 pandemic, it is good news as we see the recovery of the global motorcycle market.

And what more Royal Enfield shows 37% growth in the last month of the previous year is in December 2020.  

According to Livemint, the Royal Enfield total sales were 68,995 units, and they are 18,579 units more than last year.


Last year in the same month Royal Enfield had sold 50,416 units. 

Whereas if we see there exports they had sold 3,503 units in December. 

Which, when compared to 2019, was 1,927 units. Now, this is a profitable export growth of 82%.

A couple of months ago Royal Enfield had introduced Meteor 350 in India.

Meteor 350 comes with the engine 349cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled, long-stroke motor makes 20.2bhp and 27Nm of peak torque.

Take 80% of max torque for the UCE. The new engine has spread of extra 1000 rpms

In addition to the old 350cc engine, there is high rpm/low vibration, and it is much comfortable to maintain high speeds.

Further one of the best selling variants of Royal Enfield, the Classic 350 now comes in two new paint schemes.

  • The hip Orange Embler and 
  • The mature Metallo Silver

While the specs do remains as is. We see two new paint schemes provides a fresh look to Classic 350.

The Classic 350 is the backbone of Royal Enfield. Born in 2009 the Classic comes in two variants the 350cc and the 500cc.

And then they do have an aggressive plan to go electric by 2024.

Going more further recently there two models were spotted the new 2021 Interceptor 2021.

And the ambitious ADV Himalayan 2021 too was seen.


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