The 50cc Suzuki’s scooter ‘Lets’ now come in a new paint scheme.

The 49cc, A409, forced air cooling, four-cycle, single-cylinder / SOHC with two valve makes 2.7kW [3.7PS] / 8,500rpm power and 3.4Nnm / 7,000rpm Troque.

With the 4.8L fuel capacity, Lets weighs 70kgs.


However, Let’s come with loads of goodies.


49cc motor with SEP

The 49cc engine comes with the Suzuki’s eco-performance (SEP) technology and adopts the air cool engine which is compact and light. Easy to use engine helps you commute to school, shopping, and a little ride.

The SEP is a technology which helps to achieve low fuel consumption without reducing power by increasing combustion efficiency.

Design and Chassis

The frame is underbone which uses the structural tube framing with plastic overlay.

695mm seat height

The seat height is 695mm, which is low, and it helps small people can get on and off easily.

Stand grip

The stand grip design allows the rider to open the seat easily.

The dash helps to provide information like the fuel indicator, speed and oil. The visibility is good due to large numerics and the alphabets used in the speedometer.

To not to tamper the important keyhole and unauthorized engine start. Suzuki provides the security to it. Also, it comes with the seat open function.

Further, the front inner rack can house bottles and other things like gloves. The capacity of the inner rack is 1.5 kgs.

With 3kg capacity, the rear carrier helps to carry multiple things. However, the U shaped lock is sold separately.

The trunk space comes with 10kgs and can hold multiple huge things like the helmet.

Price, Colours and Specs

With the price tag of 166,100 yen in Japan. Lets come in a variety of colours however the Sandy Beige is introduced new.

  • Parsec Blue
  • Sandy Beige
  • Bravod Black and
  • Solid Special White




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