Guru and his passion

One day in December 1978 disciple of Yoga Guru Bikram Choudhury based in Los Angeles, California gifted him a hot beamer.

Although Guru was an avid collector of classic cars he was unaware about riding motorcycles.

Behold the Mermaid


The irony was the beamer stood under the staircase of his house at his native Kolkata as a mere showpiece and was not lucky enough to get any of his touches.

As a result, the motorcycle remains stored never to be touched.

Front shot. Ohhh that’s a lot of hotness stacked

My Powerful and calm Persistence 

The beamer stayed there as a collector’s edition. As my family was based in Kolkata I used to often visit Guru’s place to take a glimpse of the rare classic.

No matter what, when I saw the bike for the first time during my college days. My objective was to get hold of this classic 1978 beamer. But Guru had other plans as he never wanted to part with the royal classic.

Clean as Whistle

I was thinking to myself how many days he will keep his classic with him. My self-calm persistence stayed stronger than his ideology of not parting with his classic. 

The important milestone in my life had arrived. Well to no surprise on January 1st, 2012 he called to wish me Happy New Year. 

How about the sharp tint on the fuel tank?

Further, the correspondence had a lot of importance as he said to me if I wish to collect the bike I am welcome to do so. 

On the contrary, there won’t be any negotiations on the price. Do you think I would have missed this golden opportunity?

More Closeup

And my happiness knew no bounds when 1978 classic was with me. After all, I wanted this to happen.

The Plan

The beamer has its own aura. The fact that it was not touched for multiple decades, made me plan to resurrect it and slowly I started taking actions.

Another glimpse of the rare classic

I took most of the cosmetic components like the fairing, tail lamp, indicators and headlamps with me on my flights from Kolkata.

The next step was to bring the classic from Kolkata to Pune. That eventually I managed with the help of the truck.

Why not we too would like to pose with her

With 675 miles on odo, she was as clean as whistle.

All she needed was a fresh carburettor kit, few brake lines, brake pads, brake bleeding, oil changes in the engine, differential, gearbox, a new battery and Rock n Rolla she was ready to fire.

Oh yes we too would like to do a photo session with the mermaid


After decades she still remains a sought after mermaid and one glance at her will make you fall in love with her.

No doubt Classic stays Classic

Thus I live by the thought of a smart gentleman.


“We can never own a classic automobile since these beauties most of the time outlive our lifetime. A caretaker is a befitting description of what we truly are to these fundamental works of art of history.”

The refine exhaust 

By Arish Adil. Daver 

Who plays multiple roles in his life from a commercial Airline Captain to collect classic motorcycles. The dude has it all.

Well not to forget in his spare time, he helps his father to restore automobiles.

Image Source: Arish Daver

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