This exotic custom looks like nothing you’ve ever seen

This exotic custom looks like nothing you’ve ever seen

The Fuìss is a stunning handcrafted motorcycle built with passion and creativity, capitalizing on the art of creating something from nothing. Most custom builders take an existing platform and turn it into something special. But none of them followed the same thinking as Plasma Custom Motorcycles. 

How does it start?

After some failed attempts with other brands. He started working on the motorcycle and decided to build a bike from scratch. 

We call the Fuìss (or ferret, in English) and take inspiration from the bikes back in the 1930s. Let’s find out more about this beautiful piece of machinery!

While a few custom shops can create a one-of-a-kind custom, Alessandro Rorato of Plasma Custom took it to the next level with his project dubbed the Fuìss. The Italian craftsman decided to go back to the basics, like bike manufacturers in the thirties.

He decided to build this meticulously designed piece from scratch and reverse engineer the entire motorcycle back in the 30s. 

Rorato wanted to create a vintage motorcycle from modern parts. So he started by selecting the pieces created just for this task. The vintage exhaust pipes and oil tank were crafted using old school techniques before being added to this stunning bike.

The Fuìss is a unique custom motorcycle that stands out because of its straightforward angular design, lights, and blue body. It is a masterpiece of profound beauty and boldness that showcases our abilities to produce the world’s finest custom motorcycles.


About the custom, Rorato said

“To celebrate Plasma Custom Motorcycles, I wanted to build this 30’s style bike completely from scratch by building every detail, including the engine. A sincere thanks to all those who have supported me in this huge personal project.”

The Plasma Custom Motorcycles Fuìss is custom down to the casting of the engine. So how is a bike made from scratch? The entire process starts with the designer, builder and craftsman Massimo Rorato from Italy. Who uses his years of motorcycle experience to make this unique bike. 

He uses a custom-built chassis that he has had in his workshop that he has been building parts for over the years. The most challenging part of this build was creating the handmade 350cc engine. Which took him some time to pull off correctly. 


The challenge

The powerplant has a unique valvetrain that takes help from the intake over the exhaust system. The bike gets single-speed transmission and can go up to 200 mph (321.87 kph). However, it has no speedo to track the speed, and the custom very well has a slow pace.

The build quality is quite astonishing, with a focal point on the welding of the frame and engine, which are both created out of steel tubes. Apart from being bold as a sculpture and powerful as a muscle car. This bike is also elegant as something that belongs in an art gallery.

The design of those custom motorcycles will never be forgotten by the people who see them. Customers love to have comments made about their bikes’ stunning designs. And they usually start hype around it. 

Perhaps the most attractive and eye-catching of all was a bike that had a pyrex tank that allowed the riders to see how much fuel they had left in the tank, for safety reasons, of course.

The Plasma Custom Motorcycles Fuìss is one of the unique bikes we have ever seen.

via Plasma Custom Motorcycles and Rideapart

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