While Topgolf has its finger on the pulse of all things high-tech, it’s no secret that the motorized golf cart industry has been less than quick to evolve over the past decade. They have made an eBike S2.


To continue creating a premium experience for its guests (and comply with local traffic ordinances), the Topgolf and Southern California-based eBike brand SUPER73 recently decided. To alter the traditional golf cart model in favour of a new, two-wheeled version. This overhaul required a company with an extensive track record in eBike development.



These two companies have teamed up to create an eBike that quickly expands the idea of what an average golf cart should look like. The partnership with Topgolf started because they were interested in a simple form of transportation. That could get patrons around the massive driving range and game area faster than on foot. 


A 2-wheeled take on traditional golf carts, this striking new joint venture between SUPER73. And Topgolf is a one-of-one build that takes a SUPER73 S2 and adds some special modifications.

It means you can remove the onboard cooler, and club bag rack that bolts to the frame. Speaqua Bluetooth speaker and side-plate rack supporting a soft pannier.

What we see more there is Vee Speedster Whitewall, bespoke green. And white style seat from Saddlemen and SUPER73 McFly handlebar.

Impressively, Topgolf and Super 73 were able to complete the electric conversion. Built into a motorcycle, the S2 immediately stands out among other electric motorcycles currently available and its gas-powered cousins. 

Plus, by tapping into what many consider an archaic pastime. Topgolf made most of the build with off-the-shelf parts already used by golfers. We see a front sprocket, chain guard, speaker, whitewall tires, a powder-coated lime green rims.

You can easily remove these modifications to allow the S2 to get back into an urban commuter.

The standard golf cart certainly does its job, but why must its design be so practical? Topgolf and SUPER73 have created an innovative transformation of a traditional golf cart. That caters to anyone’s driving desires in true golfing spirit. 


The S2 was designed as an urban vehicle but can also use for light off-roading on the fairway or paved paths.

via Super73


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