Voge, a company based in China, is currently well-known for manufacturing the top-tier scooters under the Loncin nameplate. They have entered the motorcycle market as well. 

And Voge E-Bike ER10 is their newest addition to the commercial vehicle series. It comes with various features that make it a highly customizable commercial bike.


There is no need for second thoughts when you can opt for a Voge E-Bike. 

The fundamental advantage is that it comes with features like LED lights, LCD dash, remaining battery indicator, two riding modes, USB sockets and keyless go.

The ER10 Electric Road Bike boasts a few features that separate it from the crowd. 

The first, which is the star feature of the ER10, is a 3.7kWh battery power. The Voge FOC motor produces 11.93bhp @ 3,500rpm and 12.3Nm @ 4,660rpm.

The Voge ER10 combines performance, efficiency and comfort for long journeys. 

The bike comes equipped with a 60V/6KW DC motor, which helps in reducing maintenance costs and increasing functional longevity in the long run.

The Voge ER10 arrives at Euro 6,590 in Italy, which is Rs 5.86 lakh. Further, the ER10 has only one Sparkling Black shade.


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