The MT-07 was the ideal basis for the new YZF-R7, in which the highly lightweight 689 cc parallel two-cylinder engine with four valves per cylinder and forged pistons is taken to an entirely new level. 


Combine with a six-speed gearbox. The 689cc motor makes 73.4 PS at 8,750 tours and 67 Nm at 6,500 rpm. 

Its characteristically outstanding sound is generated by exacting exhaust ports, a lightweight and high-rigidity crankcase and more extensive intake tracts.


Yamaha’s styling department has worked hard to add much-needed muscle to the MT series. Sporting an impressive front fairing, fatter seat and grab-rail along with a more aggressive headlight design, Yamaha gives the MT-07 a trick bag of tricks.

Design and Character

The Yamaha YZF-R7 is a sporting motorcycle with an understated design that combines a light and rigid aluminium diamond frame, lightweight subframe and 10-spoke alloy wheels from MT-07 for compactness to provide the rider with a solid feel. 

The bike arrives with the design to provide its rider with enjoyable performance and engaging handling to give an exciting riding experience.

However, the R7 has been designed based on the advantages of its predecessor. It is also true of the engine and chassis construction.


There is new hardware on the R7, with a digital console, Kayaba 130 mm adjustable USD forks, 298 mm disc brakes, and 41mm forks inserted in the new fork bridges with forged at the bottom and cast at the top.

The R7 gets a new front, and compared to the MT-07, there is a slight change in the geometry.66.3 degrees steering handle is less compared to the MT-07.

And therefore, the wheel gets shorter by 1,395 millimetres while the caster of 90 millimetres (MT-07) remains unchanged.

We don’t see many changes when it comes to design. There are no changes in the swingarm. There is an addition of adjustable spring preload to adjustable rebound stage.  


The rear brakes remain as is. The new console is responsible for displaying vital information like the QSS indicator, gear indicator and more.

The R7 arrives with the optional Quickshifter system. No riding modes apart from the ABS. The R7 also gets the Bridgestone S22 tires with 120/70 ZR17 on the front and 190/55 ZR17 at the rear.

Above all, the one thing that stands out is the majestic and perfect fairing based on the outgoing R6 and R1. 

All-new, completely redesigned to be beautiful and improve the aerodynamics, making it easier for Yamaha engineers to add tech for cooling. 

The design and several parts are lifted directly from the current R1 and R6.

LED lights arrive as position lights. The seat height is 835 millimetres ( MT-07 has 805 millimetres). At the same time, the R7 gets the 13 litres fuel tank.

Availability and Shades

The R7 will start arriving in showrooms from October 2021. Further, it comes in two shades Yamaha Black and Icon Blue. Additionally, on the frame, swing arm and engine, we see the crystal graphite finish.

And rims arrive with the same shade as a fairing. Yamaha has not disclosed the price.

To conclude, the R7 is faired version of the naked MT-07 and doesnt get the same power as Aprilia RS660.

However, on the flip side, we may advantage on the price point.

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