In March, we did say in 2022, Yamaha plans to bring a new R7 model.

Since most bike lovers highly anticipate Yamaha 1999’s YZF- R7, the bike is returning under the name of a more suitable MT- 07 based superbike line-up.

California Air Resources Board (CARB) reported the exhaust gas and consumption classification for the 2022 model.


The model name is prominent as it was considered a part of a 750 homologation model. And it was for the Superbike World Championship in the late 1990s – better known to many as OW 02.

According to the CARB emission results, the new YZF-R7 is similar to the latest MT-07 2021 as it will carry the same MT-07 689cc CP2 motor.

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While the new YZF-R7 will replace the outgoing R6.

Now sources from claim Yamaha is likely to revamp its entire YZF series. And the models are right from R1, R9, YZF-R15, YZF-R20 and YZF-R25.

Yamaha also plans to bring the R2, R4, R5, R8, and R20 a lower displacement variant.

While filing a trademark doesn’t actually mean Yamaha will use the names. However, it does mean no other manufacturer can use those names.

On the flip side, the question remains: there is a decrease in the sale of high-performance sports bikes. Is it wise to bring so many models?

As of now, we understand Yamaha will bring the YZF-R7 in 2022 and then R9.

However, it will be good to see when will Yamaha bring all these models.

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