A few days ago Yamaha unveiled the new Exciter 155 in Vietnam VVA. The Exciter 155 comes inspired by Yamaha’s large sports sibling YZF-R1.

The Exciter 155 has a maximum capacity of 17.7 horsepower, 17% stronger than 150cc version.



The 155cc Exciter

The powerful engine block, increasing the engine power by 17% with the 150cc version. 

Further, it offers a great driving experience for all conditions of use, from daily commuting in the city to long-distance travel.

  • It has 155cc, four valves, SOHC, electronic fuel injection and liquid cool engine.
  • Diameter and stroke of the piston are 58.0 x 58.7 mm, respectively.
  • The compression ratio of 10.5: 1 creates a maximum capacity of 17.7 horsepower at 9,500 rpm rev/min.
  • The 155cc engine has a maximum torque of 14.4 Nm at 8,000 rpm.

Yamaha F155 prototype

However, now we do see an F155 prototype from Yamaha. Like the Exciter 155, the new F155 concept comes based on the MT15 or YZF R15 V3.

The front section of the F155 Concept

However, it does take its inspiration from the YZF-R1. The front looks similar to the R1. Unlike R1, the air intake resides at the centre with two V-shaped LED headlights located in the same position as the R1 headlights.

The design and ergonomics look neat and sharp. Further, the tail section has three vertical strips LED lights, and the rear area aligns with the entire package.

The rear mono-shock suspension

When it comes to frame, it is delta box perimeter frame lent from the YZF R15 V3. Even we do see Yamaha has lent the same motor from the YZF R15 V3. 

The 155cc, liquid cool motor calibrates to 18.6 PS @ 10000 rpm. The engine comes with the VVA (variable valve actuation) technology.

The sports bike style split seat.

The wheels are the 17-inch alloy wheels with mono-shock at the rear and the upside-down forks at the front.

We understand this a concept; however, we are still unsure when Yamaha will bring concept F155 into production.

The rear looks futuristic. 

But then the concept looks alluring.

Source: Iwanbanaran

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