About Raphael

Born in São Paulo – Brazil, in 1981, Raphael Truffi Bortholuzzi is a professional miniature artist. He has been doing visual arts since the age of seventeen.

He began as a hobby, and then he moved to a more professional world, thus being able to produce something that the world will recognize and more realistic.

Raphael had a stable career in the Motion Picture and Film Industry as a designer over 20 years only brought him benefits when he decided to venture as a miniaturist.


He moved to London at a young age, where he did a variety of jobs as a graphic designer, motion graphics and art director. Back in Brazil, he studied Cinema 3D and Animation.

After building the miniature Vespa 1000 Air model.

Now he has built the 1/16th scale of 1914 – Militaire motorcycle.

The history of Militaire goes back from 1910 to 1922 when the wars demanded motorcycles for commutation.

While there were multiple motorcycle manufacturers in America during the pre-World War I era and these manufacturers was using outsourced engines.

Militor/Militaire/Militor made more than 80 percent of its production in-house. That is still regarded as an achievement.

In 1910 first prototype was displayed and from 1911 onwards this prototype was put in the production in Cleveland, Ohio.

It had a single-cylinder, 480cc engine cooled with a fan. The collaboration of shafts and chains, with a friction-drive setup at the back of the engine.

In this story There is also one charismatic businessman Norman Sinclair, who is an integral part of this story.It is been said that he saved the company from going bankrupt.

It was also said that some 200 units were sold.

LivingWithGravitys Take

The model that Raphael is built has great amount of minute details from every angle.

Whether its paint scheme or the structure Raphael is not left any gap but instead anyone that sees his art will admire him.

Source : Grandmondo

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