Back in September 2021, our friends from Powerdrift spied the prototype of 2021 KTM RC 200

Few motorcycle media web magazines again caught what we could see is the full production of 2021 KT RC 200.

The version comes caught in the production line.


So what do we know? 

On an aggressive note, it does look like KTM plans to update the upcoming RC 200.

The spy shots posted shows the undisguised prototype and this time offers multiple details on how the production version will be.

First things first the RC 200 prototype is a part of the iteration process.

Spied shot. Courtesy: Powerdrift

Few things like the crankcase shape and exhaust canister are absent. 

The design is full-grown and more expressive when compared to the current RC 200.

What do we like? Well as the next iteration of KTM RC 200 BS6 evolves. KTM had in mind that it was to make the package more pleasant, enjoyable and most important user friendly.

We could very well see the halogen headlamps compared to the two-round small headlights stacked like a projector in the present RC 200.

Sublime design

It does change the way we look at the upcoming RC 200 as it seems more sublime.

What more? We could also see the rectangular TFT dash compared to the LCD dash we see in the present RC 200. Impressive right?

Also, this dash may be similar to the one we find it in Duke 390.

The spy shots also tell us one good thing: there is a change in the headlamps, and the entire package now looks similar to the track weapon.

It looks more robust and aerodynamic. With 199cc motor, the present RC 200 boasts 25 PS @ 10000 rpm.

We still are not sure about the power figures; however, we expect the power to rise slightly.

So it will be interesting to see what KTM stacks in the production version.

On the other hand, we too are not sure about the timelines. However, do expect to arrive it in 2021.

With new components coming in expect the price rise. The latest version will be in the range from Rs 2.05-2.10 lakh, which is slightly above the current RC200 which come at Rs 2.01 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).


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