The motorcycle world in 2020 had to suffer a lot. Not only the markets were down we saw multiple global motorcycle events either getting cancelled or getting postponed to new dates.

However, one such event which is close to the motorcycle world is EICMA. And 2020 was without EICMA due to Covid pandemic.

However the good news we now see the new dates for EICMA 2021.


And they are from 23rd to November 28th 2021.

Only press and experts are allowed. Initially, the EICMA 2021 had 9th to November 14th dates. As part of the harmonization of trade fair dates in Milan later it was postponed.

The EICMA organizers have said that they are already getting registrations from various top important motorcycle giants.

The 2019 EICMA almost received 800,000 visitors plus 1,187 brands across 43 countries exhibited.

The 2021 EICMA is going to be fun.

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